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Rachel Foster was born and raised in Belleville ON. A Kinesiology Graduate from the University of Calgary with a major in athletic therapy.

Rachel is a certified personal trainer, a health and fitness performance coach/mentor, runs her own unique lifestyle business Foster Fitness , and is a 2x Canadian Physique athlete. Rachel grew up as a competitive swimmer and branched into other sports such as long distance running and competitive triathlons before falling in love with fitness competing. She has traveled overseas teaching health, fitness and nutrition, volunteered for various chairities such as “Girls on the Run”, she works with all types of fitness levels specializing in female training, fitness, nutrition and body image. Rachel believes that fitness and nutrition is a lifestyle and is an important factor in overall happiness and longevity. She really has a passion for coaching and helping people to become their best self from the inside out. She loves to contribute to health and fitness magazines along with teaching, coaching and speaking on various topics of fitness and health.