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Author: myNTH Community

‘Manorexia’ On The Rise: Men With Eating Disorders Face Stigma In Getting Treatment

Whether it's the death of an anorexic model or allegations of drug use and extreme dieting, the fashion industry is no stranger to eating disorder controversy. When the issue heated up again on January 21st after the Yve[...]

Bullying, Body Image and Eating Disorders: NTH Helps Young Girls Fight for Their Self-esteem

It's not our bodies that need changing. It's our attitudes. TORONTO, Jan. 30, 2012 /CNW/ - The bullying-related tragedies that have dominated recent headlines are a devastating reminder of the need to do more for teen[...]

Are Middle-Aged Women Succumbing to ‘Desperate Housewives Syndrome’?

Denise Folcik, 50, started dieting for the first time after the birth of her fourth child. Then nearing age 30, she struggled for months to lose about 20 pounds of "baby weight" until she got the idea of making herself t[...]

5 Ways to Boost Your Body Image

Improving your body image is easy in just 5 simple steps. Every one of us has faced one of these moments where a friend tags you in an unflattering photo on Facebook, or you find yourself standing in a harshly lit dre[...]